Florida Atlantic University - Office of Space Utilization and Analysis
OSUA Space File Reports
Room Use Reports
Room use category for one building
Room use category for a single campus
Room use report by room for a single building
Room use category report for all campuses and all space
Search for rooms for a selected room use
Search for rooms for a selected room use category
Room capacity and occupancy by building
Room capacity and occupancy by site and room Use
Account number and room assignments
Search for rooms assigned to a particular college (Under Development)
Search for rooms assigned to a particular account number (Under Development)
View and/or Submit changes to room assignments (Under Development)
Building Reports
Report for a single building
Building Report with Options (Under Development)
Square Footage and Miscellaneous Reports
Gross square footage all campuses
Gross square footage by campuses
Net useable Area
Net assignable square footage
Net square footage by floor
Site report (Under Development)
Funding Reports and Shared Space
Building funding report by campus (Gross Sq Ft)
Room funding report (Net Sq Ft)
Building funding report
Shared building report
Shared room report
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